If I ever meet my soulmate in this abysmal dating cesspool we call NYC, I can guarantee you it'll be at a food festival. 

There's just something about watching a guy unabashedly stuffing his face full of delicious, unlimited food samples that makes me wanna scream "have my babies." 

And thankfully the epic 10th annual Choice Eats food festival is returning to Chelsea this year to make all of our gluttonous inner fat kid dreams come true. 

The festival will feature food samples from over 50 handpicked restaurants. 

While the complete list of alcohol vendors hasn't been finalized yet, Asahi Beer and Rums of Puerto Rico are on the bill so far. 

With a general admission ticket, you'll have access from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm to all of the food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage vendors' samples and receive a complimentary souvenir tasting glass. 

If you spring a few extra bucks for the VIP ticket, doors will be open to you an hour earlier, you'll have access to the VIP lounge featuring a private bar, snacks, and bathrooms, and receive a complimentary gift bag. 


Two rounds of vendors have been announced up until now. Some of the first round included Ample Hills, The Handpulled Noodle, Rebelle, Schaller's Stube and Yemen Cafe. The most recent round two list includes Javelina Tex-Mex, Nom Wah Nolita, Obica Mozzarella Bar, Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue and Thai Rock.

Buy your tickets here and mark your calendars for May 19th, ya'll.


BTW, do yourself a favor, don't forget to wear stretchy pants!

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]