Calling all ravers and art appreciators!

We know what you're thinking. Are warehouse parties even cool anymore? Well, this one happening on April 8th is! 

Matte, an NYC-based creative agency, is bringing to the Brooklyn Hangar a new and improved version of the warehouse party— a combination of live music, art, and light installments. 

The event itself, Black, features headliners such as Tommy Genesis and Trim. And we can't forget the several art exhibitions you'll see from artists around the world. 

Max Pollack, one of the founders of Matte, describes what'll be going down at the party:

"For New York, we're breaking it into two different acts. The first act is grime, a little more hip-hop beats, a little rawer -- that's one part of BLACK. And then we'll have an intermission with a light show and then the second half will be techno, house. Very deep and dark, which will be fun at night."

Dope music, original art, and trippy light shows sound like an awesome time to us.


The venue boasts 13,000+ square feet of space on each of 2 floors, all along the waterfront. It may just be worth the train ride down to Sunset Park!

Tickets are $44 dollars and won't stay at that price for long. Snag those quick, y'all. 

[via TimeOut NY][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]