Win This Absurd Luxury Trip to Jade Mountain, St. Lucia–On Us!

If you've ever made your phone screen or computer screen background a picture of a remarkably polished beach, this trip is for you. 

We know how absolutely daunting it can be to plan a vacation, let alone a luxury vacation. Because let's be honest, most of us aren't rolling in hundred dollar bills (which would probably be uncomfortable, TBH). 

And because of that very reason, we want to send you to the beautiful Jade Mountain in St. Lucia! 

That's right. We know you work hard every day, and you deserve a break from the constant hustle and bustle of this godawful Summer of Hell. So we support you, and we want you to have a ballin' time—YOU'RE WELCOME. 

We've teamed up with our friends at Word of Mouth, Delish, Shermans Travel, Decorilla, and Harney & Sons to give you this insane trip to Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

This incredible trip includes a 3-night stay for two with breakfast and dinner DAILY. Obviously, we're stoked; food is everything and a half to us. 

Oh, and these meals will be in a lavish Moon Sanctuary with a private infinity pool. That's about a $7,500 value all FREE for YOU

But wait, there's more! (Sorry, couldn't resist). You'll also get a $1,000 gift card applicable towards airfare, along with a personal travel concierge from Journy with a trip itinerary made specifically for you. 

And to top it all off, just in case all of these glorious things weren't enough, you will also get a $250 gift card to Harney & Sons. You'll. Be. Living. 

So WTF are you waiting for pal?!  For real, entering is super easy and FREEEEEEE. Unless you're under 21. Sorry! 

You just need to be 21+ years young, live in the U.S., enter your email address and zip code, and you're entered to win! TaDaaa! Not magic, just technology and super cool gifts. So yeah, maybe magic!

We really hope you win. Like really. And if you're single or don't have any friends that enjoy island vacations, then call us up, and one of us will come with you. Oh, and you might need new friends then, but that's another story. 

OK go enter now!

[Feature Image Courtesy Jade Mountain, St. Lucia]

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