Enjoy the Immersive Experience at The SOMNIUM Series II Party at INTER_ on 12/15

Enjoy SOMNIUM Series Returns: A Night of Sonic Bliss at INTER_!

On December 15th, Speak Softly and Retrograde presents the second SOMNIUM Series at INTER_ in Soho (415 Broadway). Going beyond a typical dance party, SOMNIUM offers an immersive sound bath in The Dome at INTER_ with DJs Niki Sadeki, Maria Nocheydia, and Ali Mae. The venue, INTER_, is a modern interactive museum with a labyrinth of immersive art installations exploring the mind and our place in the world.

The SOMNIUM II series by Retrograde will take place from 11 pm to 4 am, promising a unique journey with hypnotic energy, mesmerizing visuals, and effervescent sounds. The DJs curate an experience that blends music, art, and self-exploration, turning The Dome into an alternative reality.

Ticket Information: Secure your spot by visiting https://ra.co/events/1805408 and be part of this sonic dreamscape at INTER_.

Takeaway: SOMNIUM Series at INTER_ is not just a dance event; it's an invitation to transcend reality and explore the nexus of music, art, and personal introspection. Don't miss out on this extraordinary night where boundaries blur, and an alternative reality unfolds.

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