Have you ever gotten a pedicure wishing you had a hot latte to sip on while you were getting pampered?

Now, Chillhouse, a fusion between spa and coffee shop, is making our dreams come true. 

Opening next month on 149 Essex St, the spa-café, seeks to satisfy your relaxation and caffeine-ation needs. 

From manicures to massages, this place has it all. Better yet, their nail polishes are all non-toxic. 

As far as the drinks go, there are two types: 

"Turn Me On": Caffeinated “uppers”

"Wind Me Down": Soothing "downers"


In addition to coffee, they boast a decent selection of organic white and red wines and house beer. 

And after a night of irresponsible binge drinking, they even have a massage tailored to relieve the symptoms of your hangover. Pair that with a golden latte flavored with turmeric and cinnamon and don't be surprised when that awful hangover is cured. 


Until Chillhouse opens at the end of March, all we can do is contain our excitement and just let it bean.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via TimeOut NY]