It's a Fact: Everyone But You Got Engaged This Christmas | spoiled NYC

Ah the holidays, a time for family, friends, food and of course for everyone you know to suddenly announce they're engaged.

No, you’re not imagining it. Everyone's getting engaged and then announcing their engagement on Facebook, a recent study confirms.

“Wedding season traditionally runs throughout the summer months but it seems the winter is when proposals reach their peak,” travel company Chillisauce, said in a statement about the survey. 

“Romance is very much in the air during the festive season, with Christmastime being the busiest time of year for people getting down on one knee.”


Christmastime is so popular that it even tops Valentine’s Day, it also happens to top every day of your depressingly single and engagement-less life.

The study found that 33 percent of men will be popping the question this Christmas, but that 29 percent of women would rather be propsed to on Valentine's Day or their anniversary.

We're assuming the other 71 percent of women just don't care. 

Happy holidays!

By Matt Lee, Metro New York

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