What is Detroit-style pizza? We have no idea. 

We didn't even know that there was a Detroit-style pizza until Emily pizza announced that they were opening up a Detroit-style spin-off, entitled Emmy Squared

Apparently, Detroit-style pizza consists of a square pizza slice, similar to a Sicilian slice, and you can taste it for yourself at Emmy Squared in Williamsburg. 

Emily and Matt Hyland, of pizza favorite, Emily, in Clinton Hill have developed their second location focusing on pizza that consists of a crispy, fried-cheese edge, lots of sauce, with a soft, not too thick crust. 

Grub Street reports that the new concept took five months of research with their chef and partner, Lou Tomczak. 

Because the new location sports a much larger space, Emmy Squared will have a more complex menu, including ten different types of pizza, appetizers, and, eventually, a burger bar. 

The space will accommodate 50 total seats, and a much bigger bar, serving up cocktails, eight wines, and twelve beers on tap, along with beers by the bottle or pitcher. 


You can check out Emmy Squared at 364 Grand Street in Brooklyn, just remember to keep traditional New York-style pizza near and dear to your heart. 

Check out some shots of the new space below.






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[via Grub Street] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]