Embrace the Beautiful Messiness of Travel with G Adventures

Experiences of a lifetime don’t always look beautiful, have perfect timing, or occur nearly as seamlessly and effortlessly as that travel influencer's Instagram feed you follow religiously would lead you to believe.  

Is adventure perfectly polished? Hell, is adventure even easy? Pffft. 

G Adventures is basically the mic drop of guided travel tours, offering a huge variety of different travel packages that take you across the world and into the heart of local communities. 

No. Sometimes it’s just downright ugly. But that’s what makes it a beautiful story; it's a story you've lived to tell and share—your story.

Embracing adventure in all its messy glory, G Adventures, with guided tours that take you across the world to embark on the grandest experiences of your life without robbing you blind.

G Adventures is basically the mic drop of guided travel tours, offering a huge variety of different travel packages that take you across the world and into the heart of local communities. They've got more than 700 different tours to choose from—no planning needed except getting there. 

They’ve pretty much thought of everything, so burst out of your city bubble and immerse yourself in a different part of the world.


YOLO it up in South America, live like a local in Mongolia, get your blood pumpin’ on the New Zealand Multisport venture, keep it classic and bop through Europe, be eco-friendly in Bhutan, skip the subway and explore India via rail, try your sailing chops in Croatia, or even dive into a Nat Geo-style safari in Africa

Of course, everybody says they want to travel like a local, but do they even know what that looks like? Is it getting drunk on a cruise liner that parks right outside of "The Best of Mexico" and lets you off for maybe ten hours or so? GTFO. 

No. Living like a local means doing things that let your tourism dollars stay in the destinations themselves; destinations that don't tote the comfort of what you left behind. It means saying good riddance to cookie cutter accommodations and the lifestyles therein. 

It means actually making lasting connections with the genuine experience of the culture you've visited. It’s the responsible way to travel, the way real New Yorkers are ride or die for mom & pop shops. G Adventures keeps it local, in turn promoting sustainable travel, and helping travellers give back.

Whether it's the locally-owned accommodations or the messiness of adventure itself,            G Adventures doesn't sugarcoat a single thing. What you get is real. 

Sometimes you miss a train or a bus transfer, sometimes you have a brush with a sea urchin while snorkeling, sometimes food doesn’t agree with your stomach. But, you’re doing it somewhere amazing; hell, you’re doing it! That’s what makes travel, well, travel.

That’s why seeing the sunset over Halong Bay was worth sh**ting your brains out on a boat that had turned the plumbing off and a line of people were waiting behind you. That’s why the incomparable views of endless Mediterranean Sea were worth the 7 mile hike in 110 degree heat of dripping sweat, immortalized in that hideous photo you’d like to burn. 

We like our water filtered, our adventure, not so much. The perfect trip is not composed of glamour. The perfect trip is so unequivocally, quintessentially imperfect. 

So saddle up with G Adventures and get ready to meet 8-15 of your closest new friends, and still be able to pay your rent. Create epic memories that give back to local communities, boost your mood, self confidence, and social media game. 

Make yours not only a story everyone wants to hear, but a story worth suffering the muck and grime of real life just to tell. 

And if you’ve got some truly unfiltered travel gems in your photo library, share them on Instagram by July 26th for the chance to win a G Adventures trip worth $12,000 to almost anywhere in the world.

Check Out G Adventures & Get Ready for the Greatest #AdventureUnfiltered of Your Life.

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