There have been some pretty big changes in the fine dining restaurant industry in New York City over the past couple of months. 

First, Danny Meyer eliminated tipping at all of his NYC restaurants, and Tom Colicchio ended lunchtime tipping at his spot, Craft, sparking a sudden inspirational movement other spots would soon follow. 

Now, masterminds behind New York City's fine dining gem Eleven Madison Park, Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, have announced some major changes of their own. 

The two have decided to increase the price of their meal from $225 to $295 in order to include gratuity in their fixed price. 

They've also announced the decision to change the style of their meals from a 14-course tasting menu to around a 7-course meal with bigger portions, and some courses served family-style. 


Additionally, the two wish to decrease the amount of server-to-guest interactions to encourage a more intimate dining experience between guests, rather than causing guests to pause in their conversations in order for servers to explain each dish. 

Before this change, guests were given very little input in their 14-course tasting menu. With these new changes, the guests will have a greater amount of choice in the meal, focusing on giving the guest a better experience. 

These changes are partially inspired by East Harlem Italian classic, Rao. But what do you think? Good move or nah? 

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[via Grubstreet] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]