On September 28th, thousands of toy elephants will parachute down onto Washington Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn...

And although we live in a strange enough place that such an event could probably pass off as just another Thursday, there is indeed a great cause behind the whole fiasco.

The "Great DUMBO Drop" will be held as a fundraiser for two local schools, PS307 and the Dock Street Middle School.

How it all works is, you can "adopt" one of the elephants here for $20, and your money will go directly towards the students and PTAs at both PS307 and Dock Street Middle School.

And to top it all off, there will be targets set up on the ground, and if your elephant hits or falls closest to one of  targets, you win $500 to spend at various stores in the area! Win or lose, you can take your elephant home when the event is over. 


The idea of thousands of little Dumbos falling from the sky all at once is enough to make us want to check this out, but the parachute show is but one part of the fun-filled day. 

The street fair will offer an array of delicious foods and drinks provided by local food joints, as well as an NYPD and FDNY provided rock climbing wall, free family activities, a photo booth, and live music!

Something to keep in mind, all entries need to be completed by September 27th, the day before the event. 

Do it for the kids!

[Feature Image Courtesy flickr] [via timeout]