Is it just us or is wine in the park always a good idea? 

Of course, it's not just us. What are you, crazy!? Wine in the park is always a thing. And really anywhere. We don't need to limit our wine intake for any geographical location. 

Since you might be burdened by that heavy wine bottle and glasses (or if you're super classy, a box of wine and we can all just deliver deliciousness directly into our mouth-holes from the spigot), Electric Rose Wine Co. now brings you...wait for it..


We can't believe this wasn't invented before. 

Can you image how much more interesting soccer games would have been back in '96 if our mothers knew about this?  That really would have been a disaster if they got mixed up with our Capri Suns, but we're not judging parenting styles. 


Sold in packs of six, easy-to-store pouches, these not only make for the cutest go-to beach accessory, but there's actually more wine (1.5 bottles to be precise) per package, making this a fun summer buy, but also extremely economical.  


We'll raise our pouches to that. 

[Feature Image Courtesy PureWow] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]