Everybody is tryin' to be the very best.

Pokemon Go is a phenomenon. By now, we're sure you've seen even more people walking around with their faces glued to their phones than usualEveryone is out and about looking for super rare Pokemons and trying their best to overtake gyms.

But, some aren't very optimistic about the game. There have already been reports about robberies, people somehow getting lost, and people simply bashing the game. One person who can't stand the app is a New York native who would rather be a rap master than a Pokemon master.

El-P, one half of the explosive hip hop group Run the Jewels, took to Twitter to voice his concerns and complaints about the new Pokemon game but then quickly retracted it and started a rap competition to save face.

At first, El-P voices his concerns, which many others share.

Don't Pokemon Go and drive, people.

After that, El-P issues a challenge he will, unfortunately, probably lose.

Then, El-P learns that Hell hath no fury like a Pokemon Trainer.

He then attempts to save himself from the onslaught of attacks from Pokemon lovers and takes the first step to healing. We can only assume he is talking about reaching out to the Elite Four in this Tweet.

After a few more tweets trying to save face, El-P creates a "Pokemon Rap" and issues a remix challenge.

Once again, Pokemon causes a roller coaster of emotions and Tweets.

El-P is right to be concerned about people hurting themselves by being careless while trying to catch a Charmander, but we know the good will really outweigh the bad. 

So, give it a shot and try to outdo a rapper who is straight up killin' it right now. Also, try giving catching a Pikachu a shot, because we're still waiting for ours.

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[via Pitchfork] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]