Everyone loves a good cuddle, right? 

You've had a long, stressful work week and the thought of snuggling up, whether with your significant other or a sleeve of Oreos, sounds like the perfect remedy. 

Or maybe, with a total stranger? That's right. There exists in the world people who get paid to snuggle with complete strangers. 

We know, it sounds a little creepy, but surprisingly, it's really not.

Last week, we introduced you to New York City's "Chick-in-man" via Rolf Leer's video project,  WELOVENYC

Leer's videos consist of 3-minute, 1-take interviews with New Yorkers from all walks of life, allowing a peek into their homes and lives. 

We introduced you to the private life of the decidedly weird Chickinman. This week? Leer takes us into the home of Lisa, a professional snuggler. 

We can pretty much be certain that you've never met a professional snuggler before, so get ready for some serious insight into this fascinating, albeit odd, profession. 


Check out Say Hello to NYC's Beloved & Weird Chick-in-Man.