And you thought you've heard it all. The Food and Drug Administration has reportedly approved the use of Ecstasy as a prescription treatment for PTSD.

What does this mean?

The drug will now begin a trial of 3 phases. If all goes well, that would be the final step before approval.

The FDA has made no comment on this issue or any of the tests that are being run.

In previous trials held in Charleston, the researchers focused on treating veterans, sexual assault victims, and policemen and firefighters who had suffered from PTSD for at least 17 years.

These patients chose the trials after not responding to psychotherapy. 

According to Complex, after a few doses administered, the patients' symptoms decreased by an average of 56 percent. When the study was complete, two-thirds of the the patients no longer met the criteria for having PTSD.

The research and trials have been pushed for a more speedy process, due to the optimism that the researchers have.


Yes there are benefits, but there are also people who will abuse the drug. To stop the abuse, there will have to be a limit set for how many times a patient could use the drug.


At this time, an unofficial date of 2021 is set for the release of ecstasy to a drug store or pharmacy near you.

[via Complex] [Feature Image Courtesy Home Care Pharmacy]