For us foodies, Eataly is a verified culinary wonderland in the middle of the Flatiron District, whether you're looking for a scrumptious meal or a wheel of cheese the size of your face.

Our Eataly, however, is nothing compared to how Eataly World, slated to open in mid-2017, is described.

Located in Bologna, Italy (not exactly accessible by the 6 train, we're afraid), FICO Eataly World fills 20 acres of land with workshops, livestock, 100,000 square feet of markets, 25 restaurants, and 3 bars.

The "Disneyland of food" will not only be the ultimate Italian culinary experience but will be an educational venture for visitors– the company projects that they will annually receive 6 million tourists. 

The "theme park" will utilize 44,000 solar panels, 500 Bianchi tricycles outfitted with shopping baskets, and in 2018, a 200-room hotel. If the beds are not shaped like food, we're leaving.

The 40 different workshops will provide detailed inside looks at the processes that go into making Eataly's yummy wares. For example, wheat being milled before it's made into pasta, or goats being milked then culturing the milk into cheese. 

As reported by GrubStreet, they are developing butchering classes but with the foresight to not "make a theater out of slaughter." No need to sic PETA on anyone yet.

In addition, 2 and a half acres will be filled with orchards and farmlands growing at least 30 kinds of produce and livestock, including 9 kinds of cows (lol), 5 types of pigs, goats, sheep, geese, and other animals from Old McDonald's farm.


If you're also confused as to why this place is classified as a "theme park," no worries, they'll also be building 6 "rides" that Bloomberg classifies as "enhanced virtual reality experiences. 

One of them was designed in collaboration with MIT and another will simulate being in a fire. Not exactly Kingda Ka but at least they probably won't have to be cleaning up vomit.


Considering the $100 million and 2 years of delays that went into this project, one, we're surprised this wasn't a New York job, and two, no wonder it sounds like it's gonna be waaay over the top. We can't wait.

Not exactly in your schedule to pop by Italy right quick? Make sure you set aside a little time to stop by our Eataly right here in NYC for a visit to their cozy holiday pop-up bar.

[Feature Image Courtesy GrubStreet] [Feature Image Courtesy Forbes]