In case you haven't figured out yet, we're pretty obsessed with food. How obsessed? 

Well, we're not ashamed to say we ate an Eataly Nutella waffle off the floor after it fell Nutella side down, so obviously, we had to their new breakfast panino.

Whats a panino? Well, it's the singular of panini, duh. Just don't say paninis... we will judge you. No we won't. We had to google that to be sure. Yay, internet!

This Italian New York City staple is now dabbling into the realm of Americanized breakfast sandwiches with their signature Italian flair. 

We couldn't decide which sandwich to choose, so we ordered all six options, prompting awkward stares, from fellow patrons (girl's gotta eat). 

After we unwrapped the first sandwich, we could tell this wasn't going to be your typical $2 bodega sandwich, and for a sandwich selection that averages at $6, it certainly shouldn't be. 

The first thing that caught our eye was the freshness of the bread. Many people can argue that the bread is simply a means to hold a sandwich together. Those people are wrong. 

The house made ciabatta used for the panini is incredible. First off, it's just hard enough to contain the juices, but soft enough that it won't scrape the top of your mouth as you take a massive bite. It's on point. 

Beyond the bread, the ingredients are obviously high quality. Their eggs are grade A, from free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, non-GMO, heritage breed hens. Basically, these hens probably have better lives than we do, but we're not into speculating as to the comfort of chickens. 


Beyond that, their meats are either local or imported from Italy. Sure, anyone could tell you this, but how does the panini actually taste? 

These sandwiches are the types of sandwiches that render bikini season irrelevant. While these sandwiches are pretty healthy and nutritious, we could easily see ourselves eating one (or two) every. Single. Morning. 

We typically don't enjoy sausage (we don't use the term hate easily, but this one is certainly up there), however, their "Firenze" panini with two eggs, Sini Fulvi Cacio de Roma cheese and housemade Hampshire pork and sage sausage is easily the best thing we've eaten all month. 

Still not feelin' it? Try the "New York PLT." It consists of Nodine's Uncured pancetta, wild arugula, beefsteak tomato and housemade ailoi. This is the only sandwich on their menu of six panino that does not contain eggs, and we're pretty much head over heels in love with it. 


We're not huge fans of the BLT, but the PLT is quite possibly one of the simplest, yet tastiest sandwiches we've ever had. 

Don't believe us Head on over to Eataly and experience it for yourself. Just get there soon, because these breakfast options are only served between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. each day. Make sure to fill out the feedback form.

Why? Because a. you get a free drip coffee when you complete the form, and b. this will help Eataly create the best breakfast panino for their brand new downtown location, which Eataly told us will have an emphasis on breakfast foods. 

Plus, if it's seriously successful (and we can't see why it wouldn't be), they might continue to serve breakfast panino at their flagship location. Check out our experience on our snapchat (spoiledNYC) and follow us on Instagram @spoiled_nyc.

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