If there was ever a need for comfort food, it's right now.

Lucky for us, NYC's getting another unique ramen shop in the West Village in January. 

Does anything sound better than shutting off Facebook for an hour to enjoy a steaming bowl of noodles?

EAK Ramen will be in the former space that hosted Harold Dieterle's Kin Shop and boasts "a modern take on ramen."

As reported by Eater NY, they will be serving iekei-style ramen, which combines tonkotsu and shoyu broth from opposite sides of Japan.

You'll also be slurping up noodles that are thicker and straighter than what you might be used to.

EAK Ramen's Jimmy Matsushima is bringing chefs from Japan for authenticity and revealed their twist on the broth process.


"The extra steps we take in prepping the broth helps make the broth have a clean and smooth taste and doesn’t leave behind the distinctive smell that comes with traditional tonkotsu in Kyushu, which some people do not like."


This will be their second location with their first in actually opening in LA next week. We're happy we weren't left out.

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]