Recently, we have been dealing with a substantial bout of food confusion. 

Between hamburger-style hot dogs and a burger topped with creamed corn, our taste buds are equal parts horrified and intrigued. 

The epidemic continues with Dunkin' Donuts newest menu addition: a chicken & waffle sandwich. 

Yum? Yuck? Both? We are unsure. 

The creation is apparently being tested in a few Dunkin locations in Florida, and involves breaded chicken served between Belgian waffles and topped with maple butter. 

Normally, we'd be down with this. 

Chicken? Belgian waffles? Butter? This all sounds great. 


But when taking into account that this sandwich is being produced from a microwave inside a Dunkin' Donuts and handed to you by a bored/careless teenager, it becomes vastly less appealing.


Only time will tell if DD's newest venture will make its way to New York City, and we're honestly still unsure if we want it to. 

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[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy ScoopNest]