You Are Siu Mai Type: 8 Most Delicious Dumplings in NYC

Dumplings are written in the scriptures of New York City foods as some of the most comforting when temperatures begin their descent into freezing. Really. Check it out. 

Are you bummed because it's starting to get really, really cold and really, really dark in this city? Yeah, we felt the same way. But then we got our hands on some soup dumplings, and the world was suddenly so much better. 

Let's face it: Hot, steaming, succulent soup dumplings can cheer you up no matter how desolate your winter blues are.

It's extremely excellent that there are so many hot spots in NYC churning out fresh, doughy, delicious dumplings on the regular.

Are you surprised that a good amount of these dumplings are clustered in Queens? If you are, you shouldn't be. The rest are in Manhattan's Chinatown, and scattered through the rest of the city.

Get your appetite ready, and then get ready to grub hard. Check out NYC's best dumpling spots below.

1. The Bao (13 Saint Marks Place)

If we had thirty seconds to decide which soup dumplings we'd want to marry, we'd come up with the soup dumplings at The Bao in less than ten.

If you're extra hungry, you should also opt for the dan dan noodles and scallion pancakes, but the real hero of the day at The Bao are the soup dumplings.


You may run into issues with etiquette. Do you bite of the top of your dumpling and drink? Do you bite the whole thing at once?

Whatever you decide, we're sure it'll be quality. There will be a wait, and the wait will be worth it. So you should just grin and bear it.

2. Xi'an Famous Foods (various locations)

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They're not kidding. Xi'an's foods really are famous. Maybe you already know that. Maybe you've already glimpsed the massive lines that tend to congregate outside all of Xi'an's locations at all times of day and night.

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on the spicy & sour lamb dumplings. Classically boiled Chinese dumplings, stuffed with succulent lamb and topped with cilantro, they're truly off-the-charts special.

The vegetarian dumplings are solid, too, and all varieties of dumpling offered by Xi'an Famous Foods are satisfying. Don't miss out on the dumplings at Xi'an Famous Foods. 

3. Lhasa Fast Food (37-50 74th Street - Queens)

cybelegrandjean Beef and chive dumplings from #LhasaFastFood So good. #JacksonHeights

The dumplings here are some of the freshest around town. Everything from the herbs and spices used for flavor, to the delectable dough wrapped around the meat-- the whole thing will make your head spin.

Definitely get your hands on some soup dumplings, too. They're so, so good. You could sit in Lhasa Fast Food and eat dumplings all day, until you explode. While we certainly wouldn't recommend doing that, it is something you could do...


Yes, they live up to all their hype. The restaurant itself isn't so easy to find, but it's an adventure worth its labor. It's an extremely comfortable, hidden little gem. 

Oh, also, it's inexpensive. Remember all that exploding from eating too many dumplings we talked about? Well, they'll still only set you back about $6.

4. Tianjin Dumpling House (4128 Main Street - Queens)

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Don't even get us started on Tianjin Dumpling House's lamb and chive dumplings. Really, don't even get us started, unless you want to sit around listening to us gush all day.

They're hands down some of the of the best dumplings in the city, and thinking about them makes us swoon. 

Tianjin Dumpling House has so many choices for fillings: beef with turnip, pork with chives, and lamb with green squash. There's an adventurous feel with going to town on dumplings stuffed so creatively.

Oh, also, you can snag 12 heavenly dumplings for only $5. You'll be completely satisfied afterwards, and dreaming about the dumplings for weeks. Do yourself a favor and find out for yourself just how incredible they are.


5. White Bear (135-02 Roosevelt Avenue)

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The actual restaurant itself is tiny, but its flavor kick is immense. We're talking $4.50 for 12 spicy wanton dumplings. We're talking plump wanton dumplings drizzled with chili oil and topped with the most delicious pickle relish.


What we're saying is, having dumplings at White Bear is necessary if you even want to start considering yourself experienced in NYC's dumpling scene. The orders at White Bear do come out fast, and their soft, tasty dumplings are worthy of every drop of their hype. 

6. Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle (144 East Broadway)

hasunglee7525 [Lam Zhou] Juicy dumplings. Only $3, best deal #lamzhou #chinatown #dumplings

Oh, those fried dumplings. If you're searching for the most delicately wrapped dumplings in all of Chinatown, look no further than Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle.

They're thinly wrapped and divine, and filled with a plump filling. Lam Zhou's dumplings are a true masterpiece.

Want to really escape the cold? Get yourself some of Lam Zhou's soup dumplings and enjoy the feel of the hot soup hitting your throat on a cold day. Want to stay in your apartment to enjoy these beauties? You can get a bag of 50 frozen dumplings for $10.

Beware that it's cash only, so hit the ATM before you hit dumpling joy.

7. Tasty Dumpling (various locations)

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Tasty Dumpling's name will essentially tell you everything you need to know about the situation.

Actually, we have some more to say. They've got a 10 dumplings for $3.25. We've been around, and we're sure that's the best deal you could find on dumplings in the whole of the five boroughs. 


Don't want to eat 10 dumplings? Well, we don't understand you, but you can also get five dumplings for $1.25. Yeah, we told you the excellence was extreme.

We love the pork and cabbage dumplings, we love the scallion pancake, and we love the pork and chives, too. If you love delicious food for an inexpensive price, Tasty Dumpling should be your next move.

8. Shanghai Cafe Deluxe (100 Mott Street)

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Shanghai Cafe has some of the tastiest soup dumplings in the whole city. Are they as amazing as the pork soup dumplings?

That's a tough question. We'll just say they're both excellent in their own special ways. Both varieties are hot and flavorful, and you can munch on eight of them for $4.95. A pretty stellar deal if we do say so.

Oh, Shanghai Cafe also has crab and pork soup dumplings. Want to treat yourself to some splendor for your tastebuds? Then satiate yourself with these sometime soon.

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