We can all agree that no matter how much we may have proclaimed our undying love for the snow, dealing with the consequences of this past weekend's Winter Hell Storm "Don't-Make-Jonas-Brothers-Jokes" Jonas.

Seriously. It's a sludgy, slushy mess. Queens needs some tending to. The walk to work sucks. The walk home sucks worse. Any walk at all sucks. We could go on and on and on-- let's just not. 

But it's not all bad news. 

It's really easy to hate the world we're walking through, and maybe that has to do with simple science: we can't fly around the city. Our feet have to be on the ground. 

Not drones, though. Youtube video creator and drone-flying magician ThingaMagid took an incredible video of the post-snowpocalyptic cityscape using... a drone. 

Seriously. It's amazing. Check out the video below. It hardly looks like the hell you've endured the last few days simply walking down the street. 


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