Black Tap's Line Too Long? Check Out These 5 Amazingly Creative Boozy Drinks in NYC

Have you been to Black Tap Burger & Bar recently? If you have, you've probably been forced to wait on ridiculously long lines, sometimes as long as 5 hours.

Luckily for you, we live in a city where creativity flourishes. People recognize a hot trend when they see one, so they jump on the crazy beverage concoction bandwagon. 

If you're not so thrilled about the prospect of spending hours in line for a milkshake, there are plenty of other underrated, creative beverages in NYC that will scratch your Black Tap itch.

Here are some of the delicious beverages that have flown under the radar in NYC: 

1. Beer Slushies at Ippudo East Village (65 4th Avenue)

averywstone @taylormclarke and I explored the new beer slushies at @ippudony and we are here to report they exceeded our (low) expectations 🍻

Bedford & Bowery reported that this East Village ramen hotspot has reopened with a new hot (or cold, rather) drink item: a beer slushy made with Kirin Ichiban beer. 

We're not talking about those slushy beers that exploded when you accidentally forgot to take out of the freezer in your attempts to rapidly cool them down, but some pretty tasty beer topped with frozen Kirin Ichiban beer slush. 


Not only will this keep your beer cold, it's a unique textural experience that is bound to intrigue beer lovers. 

2. Pink Poodle Ice Cream Float from Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain (513 Henry Street -Brooklyn)

s_a_i_s_h_i Break time.

If you've never been to this little Brooklyn spot, you really need to. It's a beautifully restored old soda fountain that's serving deliciously creative sundaes, floats, egg creams, and milkshakes. Want an old school, authentic egg cream? Brooklyn Farmacy is your spot. 

But we're ordering the "Pink Poodle," an ice cream float made with hibiscus soda and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious and unique. 

3. Tang-Creamsicle from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (various locations)

snackfixation This is the Tang-Creamsicle milkshake from @BigGayIceCream. Another great recommendation from @jordanowitz. Even the girl ringing me up gushed that it's her "favorite right now". #GoodStuff #NYC

This little gem may not be as extravagantly decorated as Black Tap, but it hit the nail on the creative head in terms of a unique, nostalgic beverage. Remember the commercials that stated, "Tang, it's a kick in a glass!" while ninja monkeys judo chopped fruit? That's the one.

Imagine the fruity concoction as a creamsicle, and you've got the "Tang-Creamsicle" from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. But that's not all, they even have a Tang machine. Boom. 

4. Mango Margaritas in a Patron Bottle from El Patron (194-01 Northern Blvd - Queens)

elpatronnyc #elpatronnyc #elpatronflushing #mexicanfood #margaritas #patronmargaritas

Sometimes you really need a margarita... a really big one. What about a delicious frozen mango margarita served INSIDE a patron bottle? Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?


When you add in the fact that they're only $18, we'll state that it's a deal you have to jump on. Think $18 is too pricey? Have you seen the size of a patron bottle? Trust us, you won't need two. Unless you're looking to get really schwifty, in which case, invite us. 

5. Bacon Milky Way Shake from Big Daddy's (various locations)

bigdaddysnyc Try our #Bacon Milky Way #shake! #HalfPrice from 3-5 today! #f52grams #yum #instayum #nyc #nycfat #instafat #instafood #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagood #foodienyc #foodie #diner #eeeeeats #shakesncakes #milkshakes #treatyoself

Yes, we know that this place is a kitschy chain, but you cannot deny that they're serving up some milkshakes worthy of the competition: Black Tap. Their "Bacon Milky Way" milkshake is a chocolate shake with salted caramel and bits of crispy bacon. 

If that's not crazy enough for you, try the "Incredible Edible Pancake Shake" with vanilla ice cream, Vermont maple syrup, and, of course, pancakes. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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