We’ve all been there.

You’re in one deep af sleep, you’re cozy as a clam, and to top it all off, you are having an AMAZING dream. Whether it’s about being on a dream date with that seemingly unattainable crush, or you’re feasting on never-ending pizza buffet, you are at the pinnacle of happiness. 

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And then the worst thing ever happens…

A loud alarm of “BLURP! BEEP! BEEP! RING! BLURP!” forces your tired eyes open, pulls you out of your slumber, and worst of all, puts an end to that sleepy fantasy; making you realize that it was only just that: a dream. What’s even WORSE is when you’re woken up so fast that you’re all of a sudden unable to remember your dream!

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Now, you can’t even look it up in a dream dictionary to figure out if what was the ultimate date, or pizza buffet, could become a reality anytime soon.

Now you can see, hear, and feel some of your most fantastic fantasy slumbers come to life all thanks to The Dream Machine; and it’s happening right here in the greatest city on earth! 

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The Dream Machine is an immersive experience which is inspired by some of our most intriguing and hypnotic dreams.

The dreamy playground, which just debuted in Williamsburg, takes participants through rooms constructed with our deepest of subconsciousness in mind.

The rooms can best be described as photo goals. 

hardlynextdoor Cloudy, with a chance of drip. 💦

Wander through a room of mood changing cloud, pop mist filled bubbles,  dive into a blue ball pool, and grab a bite of cotton candy from the spin cycle.  

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The Dream Machine is open Thursday- Saturday from 10 AM -  9 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM, admission costs $38 per dreamer

It’s only here until May 31st, so if this all sounds like an afternoon, or evening spent right, then head down to The Dream Machine, and get dreamy.