Remember when we gave you the assist on that dream vacation giveaway? Well, you missed your chance on that one, but there's a bright side.

Hear us out: this guy gets paid to make the rounds at all of NYC's best parties and post about them online.

Now, if you cross that dream getaway with a paycheck cut strictly in the interest of high-end experience advertising, what do you get?

Aw, yeah. The folks at Thrillist already know. It's a three-month luxury resort experience, hopping from one vacation home to the next to the tune of $10,000 a month.

The luxury vacation home company THIRDHOME is behind all of this, and if you have any idea how to work a digital recording device, are at least 18 years old, and have a passport and driver's license, you are in the running. 

All you have to do to apply is send them a one-minute video of why you're "the best candidate for the best job on the planet," and email it to, which is a pretty easy sell, cause hey, you're awesome.

What've you got to lose, anyway? "Hi, my name is M—, I have an Instagram. I like turtles."


Done! Sit back and wait for the offer to land in your inbox. Alert everyone on your social media streams that this is it, you're cutting all ties and from now on will only shill posts for THIRDHOME's luxury resort chain.

But...but, but.

Don't quit your day job just yet. Late summer through late fall is the travel time being hired for, and there's a second stage of the application process sometime in April.


Until then, dream of beaches and palm trees and the plane you're already named "Freeloader 1."

[Feature Image Courtesy Facebook] [via Thrillist]