Despite the stereotypes about New York, and by extension New Yorkers, we actually don’t mind volunteering and helping. Most of us anyway.

What we do mind is the process to be eligible to volunteer. Too many lines, forms, or just... things to do. Too many things to do before we do the thing we want to do for free. But now, you can use an app to jumpstart your volunteer work.

The DEED app has been launched, making helping out your local community as easy and simple as getting an Uber.

So how does it work? You start off by adding your location, and then local charities and volunteer opportunities appear near our area. 

According to Time Out NY, the actual types of volunteer work vary, from Meal Services and reading to children, to resume building classes and assisting animal shelters. 

Customization for a particular time, day, and borough where you’d like to volunteer is an option as well, so that can narrow down the field and make helping your neighborhood a little easier. The app even lets you know how many spots are available for each position, which eliminates the waste to traveling to a volunteer event and finding out via word of mouth.

DEED also shows you the faces of people who have already signed up— just in case you have any mutual friends participating. It can also be a way of starting the conversation with fellow volunteer workers.


This makes DEED the easy way to volunteer, without the paperwork or guesswork of where your help can be needed. Which was what Deevee, the founder of the app, was hoping for.

In a world where we consumers can get anything delivered to our door with the tap of a button or swipe of our thumb, it’s a shame that up until now we didn’t have the same thing for helping our community.

Also, now that there's an app out that tells you what's going on around your district, you can't claim ignorance as to why you can't help. No more excuses!

Happy volunteering!

[via Time Out NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Brooklyn Magazine]