For many New Yorkers, especially young Brooklynites, Glasslands Venue has been a cherished goldmine for local artistic and musical talent.

However, in 2014, they held a very tragic "goodbye," New Years Eve event at their Kent Avenue location. Everyone was understandably devastated, while eventually coming to terms with the fact that they'll need to move on, with the unforgettable nights at Glasslands as mere memories as in their rearview.  

In the past years, there have been rumors floating around about a much anticipated comeback. 

None were taken too seriously, for the most part, although, it turns out we may have been too quick to brush them aside! 

This November, the group who brought you Glasslands will be introducing their new, 24,000 sq. ft. space; "Elsewhere", in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We could not be more excited about the new venue that will hopefully revive some of the many unique qualities held sacred in Brooklyn DIY Nightclubs alike.  


"Elsewhere" will include five separate areas, ranging from bars to music halls to art exhibit spaces. It will incorporate a 675-capacity performance hall as well as a smaller 200-capacity space for showcasing new up-and-coming artists every night of the week. 

Which tells us that the new venue will clearly be maintaining that one of a kind, inclusive environment for an array of local artistic talent, which Glasslands was always praised for.

Additionally, in Spring of 2018, as if we weren't excited enough for this, "Elsewhere" will be adding a 500-capacity rooftop with a full bar. Here is where they plan to hold film screenings as well as present large-scale outdoor art installations.


There is already a lineup posted on their website, listing performances through November as well as some early announcements for December and January. AND if all this good stuff interests you (as it should) you can sign up to have updates sent to your email, so you can stay in the loop!

[via timeout] [Feature Image Courtesy flickr]