Apart from Trump’s many flaws (putting it very nicely), one that people are constantly bringing up is his hair.

Sure, you could always go for his dangerously cheesy orange skin or his mutant baby claw hands, but the common denominator is that ruffled tumbleweed on his dome.

And now, that hair is even more large and in charge.

Douglas Cameron and Tommy Noonan, also known for the anti-gentrification stunt they pulled earlier in the summer, created the Trump Hut.

Made up of 96 ruffia hula skirts debuted at an art show in Red Hook on June 29th, it made another appearance yesterday in front of the Trump Tower. 

It didn’t stop there though.

Gothamist reports that while the original plan was to post up the Trump Hut in front of the tower all day, NYPD warned them that blocking the sidewalk for more than 30 minutes will result in a summons and a possible seizure of the hut. 

So the Trump Hut moved around New York City’s streets yesterday, from Columbus Circle to Central Park.

Disappointed that he couldn’t leave the hut in front of Trump Tower like he had planned, Noonan told Gothamist he thinks 30 minutes was still enough to get their message across.


“It makes the biggest statement to put this wigwam in front of the Trump Tower,” he says, “to show off the wealth inequality between the people who live in this building and the ones a Trump presidency will impact the most”.

Cameron and Noonan are taking this one step further with their kickstarter which they’re launching next week. Their plan is to build more Trump Huts that will be stationed by Trump properties around the country. 

They hope to build at least 10 more huts with the money raised, and have referred to the huts as having a “Hooverville imagery."

You’ll be able to follow the @TrumpHut movement on twitter for updates. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]