Hey, remember that Tom Hanks movie, Big? The one from 1988? This one? There you go.

A replica of the wish granting "Zoltar" machine has appeared in different locations in New York City, with one difference you can't help but notice bigly– the fortune teller is Donald Trump.

"The All-Seeing Trump," complete with glowing red eyes and spitting epithets at Mexicans and Chinese people, has appeared in Greenpoint, on the northern end of Manhattan Avenue, outside Trump Tower, and in front of the New York Times Building.

According to Gothamist, a representative for Banksy denied his involvement and the team behind the naked Trump statue has yet to respond, so there's no official word on who's work this is yet.

"Look into my crystal ball and see America's future," the machine declares, before launching into, well, most of Trump's stump speeches about the border wall, deportation, and more. The funniest thing about the machine, like most Trump "parodies," is that you don't really have to change his words very much at all.

Luckily or unluckily, depending on if you're someone who just wants to watch the world burn, the machine doesn't recite some of Mr. Trump's more, er, colorful statements.

So no one has been subjected to a machine letting them know that when you're a star, you can grab 'em– we don't have to go there, do we?


Check out Gothamist's clips of the Trump Zoltar Machine below:

[via Gothamist]