When was the last time you actually enjoyed doing your laundry? For many New Yorkers, the local laundromat is a pretty bleak experience. 

Machines, if you can even find one free, gobble up money only to return clothes still soapy or with random bleach stains. 

And then there's the waiting: how many hours have you spent not reading that book you brought and instead, watched the washer swirl? 

But don't throw in the towel just yet. 

Celsious, an eco-friendly and time-saving laundromat opening in Williamsburg next month, aims to improve the average Brooklynite's laundry run.


Celsious offers efficient Electrolux washers, saving water and drying time, and even texts customers when their wash is ready. The whole cycle takes just thirty minutes for $5 or $6. 

But it gets better. Celsious supplies patrons with cool freebies like three-ingredient The Simply Co. laundry detergent. They're also installing an organic bar stocked with Caffe Vita coffee and local Saraghina Bakery sweet goods.

And guess what, Brooklynites– they're hiring!


So come September 21st, get clean laundry and a clean conscience, minus the wait. 

[Feature Image Courtesy BossFight] [via TimeOut NY]