Is it war between us humans and the other creatures who infiltrate our midst? Would you call it that?

For the most part, we coexist with the creatures who run among us. We laugh at bed bugs, crack jokes with lice, and meet up with pigeons for happy hour.

We're kidding. Mostly, we avoid interaction with New York City's wildlife at all costs. 

Sometimes, though, we wonder what would happen if we did declare war on the rats, if we attempted a revolt against pigeons and cockroaches.

Dogs have long been human's best friends, so it makes sense that if we were to stage a coup against NYC's rats, we'd utilize dogs' services to gain leverage on the battle.

In the video below, NYC's unreported war against rats is revealed. It's waged by the Riders Alley Trencher Fed Society (acronym: RATs), who are reportedly the most mild mannered, unassuming neighborly folk by day.


When night hits, though? The members of RATs hit the streets with their dogs and all havoc breaks loose. The rats are hunted. People are transformed into barbarians. Mike Rowe described it as "unlike anything he's ever seen."

Want to know for yourself just how savage it gets? Watch the video below. It turns out NYC's rat problem is much more severe than anyone realized.

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