Explore the City with Your Tailwagging Best Friend 🐶🗽🏙

People have had a spot in their hearts for dogs since mankind’s first domestication of wild wolves. As time went on, thousands of different breeds evolved into their own and stole our hearts over and over.

From more practical breeds to more fanciful ones, dogs have a diverse secondhand culture developed by humans, and what better place is there to have a doggo than the most sundry city in the world?

New York is home to over half a million pups-- that’s a lot of paws and wet noses! According to Forbes, the most popular breeds amongst NYC’s 600,000 good boy’s are French Bulldogs and purebred Bulldogs. Regardless of what breed of pupperino you have, there is plenty for them to do around the five boroughs!

Carl Shurz Park (599 E 86th St, Manhattan)


This park houses two dog-runs for small pupperinos and larger doggos. The park is cleaned and maintained by the Carl Shurz Park Conservancy, based off of donations to keep the pups happy. The dog park follows the standard park hours except for Wednesday and Thursday between 12:15-1:15 PM when it is used by the ASPCA.

Jemmy's Dog Run at Madison Square Park (25th St & Broadway, Manhattan)


Voted NYC’s best dog park in 2015, Jemmy’s Run at Madison Square Park is a great place right in the heart of Broadway to take your pup on a leash-free adventure! Established in 2001 it’s proven to keep a good crowd of dogs around.

Maybe the dogs are crumb-hunting because of the nearby Shake Shack, or just because it’s a cozy and shaded spot for little fur-babies to relax.

Sirius Run at Battery Park (385 South End Ave, Manhattan)

At the bottom of Manhattan, in Battery Park, is Sirius Run, a dog park named after a pup that died in the search and rescue efforts of 9/11’s aftermath. This park dedicated to such a good boy it has a run spot, a section with water spouts and self-cleaning swimming pools, and plenty of seating for owners to watch their little pups enjoy nature from.

With enough beautiful sights already in that location, Sirius Run adds the image of a bunch of happy puppers running and playing, making for an awesome park.

Silver Lake Park Dog Run (700 Victory Blvd, Staten Island)


On Staten Island, there is Silver Lake Park, featuring a dog run for big boys, medium doggos and small pups. It’s equipped with a double fenced entry, water spout, and plenty of space for whatever size dog you have.

Your bud will enjoy exploring the really grassy areas plus you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Silver Lake Park.

Canine Court at Van Cortlandt Park (Broadway & 252nd St, Bronx)


Van Cortlandt Park, the home of great historical significance before and during the Revolutionary War, is home to a dog park with some significance of its own.

This park is great for doggos that live near and far as it has agility obstacles for them to jump through and over, as well as water fountains separate from the running grounds to avoid puddling.

Canine Court, which is tucked away in the greater Van Cortlandt Park, has plenty of shade and areas for a doggo’s human to sit and enjoy watching their buddy enjoy some time outdoors.

Long Meadow & Dog Beach at Prospect Park (95 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)


At Prospect Park in Brooklyn, there are acres of luscious green grass for doggos to roam and run free, although leash-free hours are 5 AM - 9 AM and 9 PM -1 AM. Despite having a huge field that houses many dog events such in concordance with FIDO, there is a swimming spot at Dog Beach.

The beach was recently renovated with new fencing in the water to separate dogs from wildlife, the removal of invasive plants, and the addition of stone slabs to replace old pavement.

If you want to see some happy dogs in Brooklyn, get to Prospect Park and enjoy all it has to offer!

Rockaway Freeway Dog Park (3-02 Beach Channel Dr, Queens)

This enormous park in Far Rockaway, Queens is great for dogs who like to run out of their owners' sight, but still be safe within the park’s fencing. Not only is there a large area to run, there are water fountains and new water bowls, obstacle courses for athletic doggos, and pathways that surround the grassy areas so that owners can take a nice walk while their fur buddies jam out with other pups.

There is another, smaller, fenced in area where more shy dogs can frolic and it is all enclosed within the park’s shady trees and comforting atmosphere.

Doggo Events

PAWS New York Volunteer
 (240 Kent Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn)


For those dog lovers who can’t get enough philanthropy, there are many opportunities to volunteer with PAWS New York. The organization puts together various volunteering opportunities including housecall programs, pet-pantry programs, foster care, outreach events and professional expertise.

To volunteer, you must attend an orientation session and be at least 18 years old. Follow the link to find the dates for all upcoming volunteer orientation sessions.

Dog Playgroup Meetups (Various locations)