Guys, it's time. It's time to say good bye to Frosé– at least for the season. Shhh, you're only making this harder. You shouldn't be committing to one frozen drink like that anyway.

The fall drink to end all fall drinks is here to satisfy pretty much all of your cravings.

The boozy cider slushie is blended Chai tea, ginger beer, and bourbon and we imagine it probably tastes like what would happen if you took the entire season of fall and concentrated it into a crisp, alcoholic slushie.

This instant staple was concocted by the New Orleans restaurant Willa Jean

Co-owner and chef, Kelly Fields, explains the thought process behind the drink, “Chai tea, Gingeroo and bourbon work together to create not only the warm physical sensation when drinking, but also partner up to deliver those really warm, cozy spices and aromatics."

So Fields' goal was to create a cider drink that felt warm (yep, bourbon usually does the trick) but was still cool and refreshing.

We seriously feel that feel because although it's cooled down in NYC since the summer, after a ride on the subway or a twenty block walk, the city can still feel pretty toasty– sometimes too toasty for even a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Also, don't tell us you aren't psyched for the excuse to drink slushies year-round. Fields also promises that this winter, we have "some version of a creamsicle" to look forward to from her kitchen. 


Don't worry, you don't have to travel to New Orleans to taste the cocktail. You can find all the ingredients you'll need and the directions to create your new favorite fall beverage at TastingTable

[via TastingTable] [Feature Image Courtesy Healthy-Delicious]