We’re not afraid to say it: we like getting high.

We mean, we like getting high with the proper permits and medical ailments, and only recreationally in states like Colorado or Washington where doing so is perfectly legal, of course.

Still, our law abiding status hasn’t stopped us from daydreaming about what it’d be like in the city if getting high didn’t make us vagabonds.

Now that such a dream is actually coming true, we can hardly stand it. We’re too excited for this amount of excitement to become legal.

However, things are about to become legal. We’re talking about marijuana, not excitement. Excitement is already super legal, and as of Thursday, marijuana will be legal (in New York), too.

Granted, marijuana is only becoming legal in New York medically, but that’s a great start. It’s also great for people suffering from ailments for which marijuana could, you know, really help.

According to the Daily News, at least one of New York’s new dispensaries will be ready to open for business on Thursday.


“New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program is scheduled to launch on January 7, 2016, just 18 months after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Compassionate Care Act,” said James Plastiras, Health Department spokesman.

Where will New York State’s first-ever marijuana dispensary be opening? Right here in our big, great city of course.

Where in the city will such a wonderful place be located? The answer to that question, our friends, is Union Square.

The dispensary that will open first is called Columbia Care, one of the five dispensaries that were approved by the New York State Health Department in August.

Columbia Care has been operating at a 204,000-square-foot agricultural operation at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, where they’ve created hundreds of jobs.

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Nicholas Vita, chief executive of Columbia Care said his company would invest “double-digit millions” in growing operations and dispensaries around the state.

Their Union Square dispensary? Columbia Care spokesman Peter Kerr described it as “pleasant, supportive, and airy.”

Other dispensaries planned for Murray Hill, the Bronx, and Queens will open later in the month.

Wondering how to get your hands on the fluffy, leafy goodness?

You’ll have to first get certified by a state-approved physician, and then register with the Health Department and obtain a registry identification card before being allowed into the dispensaries to purchase the product.


“Patients in New York have been waiting a long time for the day when they can legally purchase medical marijuana. We hope the program rollout goes smoothly and that patients will finally have some relief from their suffering,” said Julie Netherland of the Drug Policy Alliance.

We happen to hope the same thing, Julie Netherland. We’ll keep you updated on the de-stigmatization of marijuana in New York State as it continues.

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