Been to the movies lately? You were the tallest one there, right? It's alright. We love a good animated movie too. We were there watching Finding Dory too laughing and sobbing louder than all the kids around us. Shut up, kids! 

Disney has been messing with our emotions for as long as we can remember. 

We cried when Mufasa got stomped, sobbed when Andy's toys essentially accepted a death by furnace, and screamed-sang "I'll Make a Man Out of You" just the other day (editor's note: Edd, that was an hour ago. Stop. Screaming). Now, it looks like Disney wants you to feel magic through your phone.

A new trailer has debuted for Disney Emoji Blitz, a game that allows players to match emojis, collect them and send their favorite Disney character with heart eyes to anyone.

The game is basic enough, match three of the same emojis and you get them. From there, you'll be able to send the emojis you've collected to your fellow Disney fanatic. 

The trailer depicts various Disney movies that you can get emojis from but we are sure even if you don't see your favorite character they will be there.

We are expecting a lot of Frozen emojis now that the movie that kids can't seem to let go is coming to Broadway.

It also looks like Disney is jumping into the emoji craze. We are about to get 72 new ones, and it looks like celebrities of all kinds are (still) trying to get themselves in your messages.

We've already seen some classic emojis being used to describe New York City situations perfectly, so we cannot wait to use our fav Disney movies to describe some absurd scenarios you can only find in this city.


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[via Disney Games/Youtube] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]