Remember way back when we told you about that Times Square self-proclaimed psychic who swindled a man out of more than $550,000

Apparently, her mother-in-law jumped in on the family business while Priscilla Kelly Delmaro serves her jail time... you know, for grand larceny.

According to The New York Times, Christine Evans, Delmaro's mother-in-law, was arrested for allegations similar to the incarcarated Delmaro. 

Evans allegedly did a tarot card reading for an unnamed 23-year-old woman, informing the woman of a curse that could ultimately be cured through gifts. 

According to The Times, Ms. Evans required that the unnamed woman go to the nearest Duane Reade and purchase a $300 Visa gift card that would allow Ms. Evans to begin cleansing the woman's spirit of the curse. 

The following day, Ms. Evans informed the woman that she needed to purchase a decorative 49-inch tall water fountain of "natural slate and copper" from which a stream of water would convert "a small section of garden or office into a relaxing getaway." 

What do 49-inch water fountains cost these days? 

A whopping $399.99 including overnight shipping... because ain't nobody got time to wait around for standard shipping.


The woman also bought two $500 gift cards for Ms. Evans all in the hopes of removing her spirit of the alleged curse. 

When Ms. Evans required 23 candles, costing $600 each, the woman refused, becoming suspicious. She ultimately demanded her money back, but Ms. Evans allegedly would not return the money or the fountain. 

However, the fountain was in the parlor of the fortune shop, and the woman (with the help of a passing stranger) took it with her on her way out of the store. She was able to return it to the company and receive most of her money back. 


Via Yana Paskova/The New York Times

Detectives arrested Ms. Evans with charges of petty larceny, fraud, and fortunetelling. 

Ms. Evans declines the charges. 

We're just here wondering when people will stop believing that anything in Times Square will be beneficial for their wellbeing, let alone psychics who require elaborate monetary gifts. 

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[via The New York Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Midtown Blogger]