The world’s biggest secret dinner party is returning to NYC next month.

Dîner en Blanc announced its sixth annual all-white pop-up soiree will take place Sept. 15. On the night, 5,000 people will make the trek across the city to a location they don’t find out about until an hour before the event-- last year, attendees dined along the waterfront on Hudson River Park’s Pier 26.

Back to curate this year’s meal is Todd English (though you can opt to bring your own), with bubbly and wines by Apothic Wine and Moët & Chandon. Details about the menu, as well as the evening’s entertainment, are still under wraps.

The whole affair is a bit more intense than your usual dinner party experience. Everyone must bring their own (also white) tables, chairs, and even plates and silverware. 

It’s notoriously difficult to score an invite to Dîner en Blanc, and that hasn’t changed. You must either have attended before or be the +1 of an attendee, be referred by a previous year’s attendee or be chosen from the waitlist, which ran to over 40,000 this year.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, participation is mandatory, rain or shine. The dress code is strictly white, no matter how much ivory complements your complexion. If all of that sounds amazing, keep an eye on Instagram on Sept. 15 and make friends with one of the attendees to get in next year.


[Feature Image Courtesy Metro New York]