Because Nobody Actually Knows How to Get a First Date in NYC, There's Dine, the App That Does

For millennials, dating is just jumping over one hurdle after another. It's not all sock hops and two-straw milkshakes like it was for our grandparents. Hell no. 

Instead, it's a seemingly endless series of steps with a healthy dose of trust issues, headaches, and confusion along the way. More often than not, it just ends up blowing up in our faces. 

Online dating adds a whole new level of frustration. Swipe Wrist: it's a thing. A little known condition that we seek to bring awareness to, it is the unfortunate result of endless (and all-too-often, fruitless) swiping on dating apps. 

Dine is the app that gets you more dates than swipes, so you're actually meeting people rather than swiping their faces on a screen hoping that maybe, someday, you'll get a match.

We swipe, and we swipe, and we swipe, and rarely does anything actually come it it. It's truly disheartening. 

Occasionally, though, we do get a bite. Someone matches us, and hey, it looks like they're actually down to go on an actual date. Cool. Except now we have to plan the thing. What kind of food do they like? Do they prefer trendy or casual? Who gets final say on the place, anyway? And who pays? 

Not to mention, when is the time to ask your match to go on an actual date? Will they get scared off and stop answering your texts? Sometimes it feels awkward popping these questions, girls and guys alike. 

Online dating is just way too much work with not enough payoff. Say hello to Dine, the dating app that just made everything a little bit easier. 

Dine is the app that gets you more dates than swipes, so you're actually meeting people prepared to go on a date rather than swiping their faces on a screen hoping that maybe, someday, you'll get a match. It knocks down the impossibly high walls separating you from real social interaction. 

Simply put, Dine gets you dates. You can swipe all day on other apps, peruse the beauties for hours on end, and yet once that Swipe Wrist starts kicking in, you're still left without a true match that you can actually meet (and no, giving or getting the business with a rando isn't exactly what we call meeting).

And the best part is, Dine recognizes that we're all about two or three things in this world: food, drink, and sweet, sweet love. 

Of course, since food and booze are something we all have in common, especially in New York City, Dine gets you dates at amazing spots people are dying to try like Aquagrill, La Contenta, Uva, alta, and hundreds more just to help you with that last one (sweet, sweet love). 


By facilitating matches based on restaurant preferences, Dine totally eliminates all of that awkward "Well, where do you want to go?" back-and-forth that follows after you've agreed to go on a date.

You also have the option to extend a date invitation as "my treat", so you can skip all that awkward fuss over the bill when it's dropped on the table at the end of the night.  

Ugh. We just don't have time for that. 

We do, though, have time for dates. 

That's why we joined the online dating universe in the first place, right? We want to meet people, and we want to meet them in all the coolest spots all over NYC, of which there are an overwhelming amount. 

Dine allows you to do just that. Cut through the B.S., actually meet people, and get right to the chase. And by chase, we mean all of the delicious food and amazing bars that this city has to offer. 

So go on. Sign up for Dine and get more dates, not swipes. 

Get More Dates Than Swipes By Downloading the Dine App Right Here.

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