Di Fara Pizza has been serving up their unbeatable pizza for half a century.

When you visit Di Fara, you know two things– you won't leave hungry but yeah, you better get ready for the wait, which can sometimes be up to 90 minutes during peak hours.

However, the pizza gods must be smiling down on us, because Di Fara just added delivery from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. through UberEats.

The delivery extends to anyone living between Ditmas Park to Bay Ridge right now and they're still working out the kinks.

As reported by Eater, Di Fara's WiFi is a little whack, but now, Uber lets patrons know when their order doesn't go through. 

Also, a writer for The Daily Meal tried out the delivery service last Friday and received her pizza in less than an hour (!) but the slices were in individual boxes. 

A representative also explained that for now, they're using bicycle messengers, but plan to have Uber cars delivering whole pies.


Going to Di Fara to wait for your pizza, and watching Dom Dimarco snip basil like it's the lord's work, is a right of passage itself but seriously, a whole Di Fara pizza in less than an hour without leaving our couches?


We're so ready.

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy demianrepucci.com]