We thought we had festivals for everything here in New York City. 

You got your wine festivals, you got your dumpling festival―hell, even Tommy Hilfiger got his own festival.

Holy sh*t, were we wrong.

On Sunday, October 23rd, Dobbin Street in Williamsburg will be blessed with Dessert Goals, a six-hour Dessert Festival.

"Wait, how is this the first dessert festival in NYC?! How has no one thought of that?" You might be asking.


They'll be selling sweet treats, with an average price point of $5 per dessert, from 20 vendors. The first round-up includes Boba Guys and Baba Cool beverages like bubble tea, Hong Kong egg waffles from Wowfulls, ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, and artisinal twinkies (um, yes pls) from Jae NYC Eats.

Also look out for specials and new creations from Mini Melanie, Mochidoki, and Macaron Parlour.


Besides the droolworthy desserts, fest-goers will get unlimited Intelligentsia coffee– plus, a tutorial on how to make the perfect french press with Bodum experts.

The team behind Dessert Goals also definitely know our priorities, which start and end with our 'gram game. They'll be setting up a photo garden specifically for Instagram and will offer dessert photo styling workshops so you can rack up the likes.

There will also be rooftop lounge access and a photo booth with available printouts of your #DessertSquad, so your 'gram will be seriously lit.

The early bird tickets released at noon today, which were going for $10, have already sold out just hours later. The next batch, which will go for $15, are going to drop on September 27th at noon, so set that phone alarm RN!

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]