A Design Has Been Proposed For the Longest & Definitely the Most Ridiculous Addition to NYC's Skyline

Everyone wants to make their mark on the New York City skyline, and a lot of brand new skyscrapers are on the rise over the next five years.

When it comes to New York architecture, size does matter. And I if you haven't noticed, the current trend is super tall, sleek, and shiny, a la The Freedom Tower.

But one New York architecture firm wants to break that trend, and asks the question, "What if buildings were long instead of tall?"

The New York and Athens based firm Oiiu has dubbed their innovative design "The Big Bend." It would be the longest building in the world at 4,000 feet long, and look like a modern skyscraper version of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 

Oikonomou, founder of Oiiu, says that an architect's job is to "bring out inherent emotions in a city," and that their concept aims to, "tell a good story."

The architects want to challenge the common practice of building vertically, quickly, at astronomical costs. 


The current design would place the building just south of Central Park on 57th Street, and would provide a nice contrast to more bland skyscrapers currently there and in the works. 


We're down for anything willing to "bend" the rules.

[Feature Image Courtesy Hyperallergic] [via Time Out NY] 

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