Did you know that airplanes still serve food? We didn't. 

Oh, that's right, we forgot, we're peasants who can't afford a ticket to a luxury cabin like Delta One. 

Well it looks like luxury airtime might get a little more luxurious as Delta has partnered with Chef Carmen Quagliata of Union Square Cafe to serve their food on Delta One flights, according to the New York Times.

Delta partnered with Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group (the company behind Union Square Cafe), in 2013, to bring luxury food to London-bound airplanes.

Delta One cabins, luxury cabins complete with seats that turn into flat beds and meals paired with wines by a Master Sommelier.

Now, the wines will be paired with a menu that is meant to change the concept of airplane food. 

John Harenda, vice president of operations for Union Square Hospitality Group, stated, "[we] want passengers to say, 'This is great food' -- not, 'This is great food for an airline."

It's apparent that service will also step up its game, as flight attendants will be required to pour garnishes and sauces on the meals out of paper cups, as described to them through instruction training videos. 


Well, Mr. Harenda, that's a pretty significant distinction, considering that airline foods differ in quality (or disappear altogether) depending on cabin and airline. 

Most airline carriers have food available to sell to us peasants who sit in economy while in the air. Luckily for us, the quality of the food available has improved significantly as airlines are recognizing the demand for decent food. However, we still have to purchase the food in addition to our ticket. 

Regardless of whether or not you can afford the food for sale on the planes, let alone the ticket itself, any food (gourmet or not) has been scientifically proven to taste differently due to the air pressure in the cabins. 

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The Atlantic reported that the pressurization of cabins lessens your senses of smell and taste. Something that may taste excellent on the ground will taste significantly less flavorful in the air. 

We're pretty sure we'd be willing to taste the purposed menu of shrimp and polenta, beef short rib straccotta, and a baked paccheri basil cream pasta either way. The menu will premiere March 1st. 

This news comes right on the heels of a widely publicized Delta flight from hell, where passengers endured a 30 hour epic screw up over what should have been a four-hour flight. 

It's possible that Delta is announcing this expanded partnership in order to save face after news of this 30 hour disaster spread like wildfire. 

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