It's never too early to plan your Spring Break, even if you've barely thought about holiday shopping yet (we got you covered, anyway).

Anyway, it's certainly been cold enough to justify all the beach weather dreams we've been having recently. 

But actually, you can make those dreams a reality right now– Delta Airlines is offering some seriously great flight deals to Sunny Spain from all over the U.S. 

Thrillist did some Google Flights digging and discovered that there are flights to Espana for as low as $387 from North America. 

For example, you can fly from Atlanta to Barcelona in April for $401, and it's only an average of $30 more if you want to visit a smaller city or island like Ibiza.

Also, you can leave from Dallas to Madrid in August for $406 and Los Angeles to Madrid for $401 in May, so vacations for everybody! YOU get a vacay and YOU get a vacay and– okay, you get it now, right?

The sale lives are live right now and yeah, the cheapest of the cheap will probably sell out fast, so we suggest you get on that. 


But hopefully, if your schedule is flexible, there are so many dates to choose from, you're bound to book a great trip on a budget. You definitely won't regret it, when this winter is over, you're def gonna be craving warm weather.


So don't miss these deals! Book now. Of course, we've gotta say, this is Delta we're talking about

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy The Motley Fool]