We know pizza is perfect the way it is, and we take our pizza seriously here in New York City, but it definitely doesn't hurt to switch things up a little bit.

Before you turn up your nose, meet the "panzerotto," which you can order at the new Greenwich Village shop, Mr. Panzerotto.

It's not a beef patty, it's not an empanada, and it's not a calzone, they will staunchly tell you.

The semicircle treats made from fried dough can be stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzerella, but you can also explore other meat, vegetarian & vegan, seafood, and sweet options.

Their menu's highlights include sausage & broccoli rabe, spinach & ricotta cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, & cream cheese, and vegan yogurt & mixed berries.

You can find the Italian street food at other shops, but this is the first NYC stop where it's the only thing they serve. Christian Francone, the Milan native who runs the place, spent 6 months in his mother's kitchen perfecting his recipe.

They also only use the best imported Italian flours, that are organic; so refined, not enriched, higher in fiber and lower in carbs. 


"We hope to see people walking down the streets holding this favorite Italian classic," Francone tells Gothamist. 

We don't think he has to worry, we're already definitely sold. Visit Mr. Panzerotto at 124 McDougal Street.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]