Are you a vegetarian? Do you sometimes miss the taste of meat? Do you find yourself fantasizing about eating a big, juicy burger at random times of the day?

Well, my friends, there is now a burger for you (that doesn’t have the word veggie in it).

According to Eater NY, Momofuku Nishi, legendary Chef David Chang's absurd foodbaby in Chelsea has partnered up with biochemist Patrick Brown to serve these burgers starting today.

The new lab-derived meat produced by biochemist Patrick Brown is a veggie based burger that “bleeds." 

You can order this impossibility rare, medium, well done, or however else tickles your fancy―just like a normal burger.

Brown says it’s all working towards the effort to reduce the crappy environmental impact from meat consumption.

They plan to sell the burger in more locations eventually with San Francisco and Los Angeles first on their list. Some day the burger might actually be available in grocery stores as well, and you’ll be able to do the impossible right in your very own home.


In prep, Nishi maintains the freshness of their "burgers" just as they do any other perishable ingredient, uh, refrigerated, and sell it for the same price as organic beef-based burgers. Of course, they’re hoping to lower the price to mass market levels once the company expands.

Even though this product was created in a lab, the "Impossible Burger" is primarily made up of plants, including water, textured wheat protein, coconut oil, and natural flavors. 


One ingredient that does come from animals is a molecule called “heme," used to create the meaty look.

You have to eat it to believe it, so head over to Mumufuku Nishi today and taste the impossibility for yourself. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]