David Bowie has taken over the Broadway-Lafayette station. The late star is an international hero, recognized for his talents, prized for his eccentricity and uniqueness.  

spoilednyc 🎵🎶There’s a star man waiting in the sky🎶🎵 #spoilednyc

The takeover immerses train travelers in his revolution from Ziggy Stardust to his final years. Having lived in New York for over two decades, the Starman frequently confessed his love for the Village, and its artistic importance.

Credit: Giphy

The display captures his fondness for NYC with quips and quotes posted alongside the late artist’s images, each paired with a signature barcode that directly opens the song on the Spotify app when scanned.

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MetroCards also got a makeover; for a limited time, the MetroCard vending machines will randomly dispense cards with Bowie imagery. Get your hands on one and frame it, because in twenty years you might be sitting on a goldmine.

Visually commemorating David Bowie’s prolific career reinvigorates the idea that this artist is one-of-a-kind and deserves a gracious display in the city that he loved to call his home.

New York City has so much magic, and knowing that Bowie spent many joyous years of his life here, makes it all the more mystical.

This presentation is brought to you in partnership with Spotify and Brooklyn Museum’s David Bowie Is on view, through July 15th.

Credit: Giphy

Long live the Thin White Duke!