While we have human potato Benedict Cumberbatch to look forward to this weekend, Saturday Night Live will be a must-watch next weekend, November 12th. 

Sorry, Cumberb*tches. Have fun at Doctor Strange.

Anyway, SNL landed an amazing post election host, David Chappelle, the comedian best known for his Comedy Central series and stand up comedy that addresses many topics in American culture including racial stereotypes, politics, and pop culture.

Chappelle's Show, his sketch comedy show, was literally a gift from the heavens above, but Chappelle left the show leaving us to question the existence of good gifts, the myth of quality television, and, yes, heaven itself.

Really, he was just not about spending all his time running a television show and we were unworthy.

But like your usually soft-spoken cousin who won't shut the f*ck up about Jill Stein, it's pretty hard to stay silent about this election. We're sure Chappelle will be delivering some biting political commentary, whatever the outcome is on Tuesday. 

At the Roots Picnic last month, he had a few choice words about rocking the vote: "I know it’s a tough decision. Hillary Clinton vs. white Malcolm X. That crazy character... is gonna kill us all. And lower my taxes.”

It will be a refreshing change from how many comedians' have chosen to take on this election, which is basically reciting debate transcripts word-for-word (but we still love you, Alec Baldwin).


Not that we're blaming them, because nothing is funnier than the actual words that have been spoken during this past year.


Chappelle will be joined by the musical guest A Tribe Called Quest, who are about to release their first album in 18 years. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]