#SquadGoals: Dating With Your Friends Is Officially Now a Thing in NYC― Thanks to Squad

Growing up, we had dreams of falling for someone When Harry Met Sally style ― friends who slowly but surely became something more because they had a deep understanding of who they both were. 

But that was pre-Internet. That was a different time ― nay, a simpler time. Nowadays, we don't bother to look amongst our friends or acquaintances for platonic relationships that could potentially turn into something more. 


But what if our friends were there to help us find love? No, not like setting us up with Chuck in accounting; the whiskey enthusiast who "likes music." We're talking Squad.

We barely have the energy (or balls) to go up to someone in a bar and strike up a conversation. Instead, we go straight to the source. We log onto dating apps and swipe through the slew of potential candidates, maybe talk for a bit, maybe meet up with them.

Not only is it super awkward and likely to end in disaster, it's also a pretty backwards way to approach things. Why do we think that immediately putting pressure on a situation by labeling it a date will be successful, especially when the humans involved are virtual strangers?

It just doesn't make any sense. So, start making sense of your life and your relationships with Squad, the incredible app that takes the pressure off of solo dates by helping you meet new people with the friends you already have. It's kind of like Tinder. For groups. Without the sleaze..

Think about it: when you're out with your girls or guys, do you really ever end up meeting anyone else, romantically or otherwise? Hardly ever.

We go out with the hopes of meeting someone new, but more often than not, it just doesn't happen. We still have a great time - we're with our crew, after all - but a random meet-cute just isn't in the cards.

And while dating apps certainly allow us to meet people, they don't really allow us to meet people in the best way that we could be. It's a bit too formal, too staged, and too much pressure right away. 

Squad is the ultimate solution for this. Think of it as a dating app 2.0 taking away all the weird, bullsh*tty parts of dating away and replacing it with good times regardless of where the night takes you. 

Unless it's to jail. Nobody wants that for you, but hey, we'd rather have horror stories than no stories, right?

Squad is the incredible app that takes the pressure off of solo dates by helping you meet new people with the friends you already have. It's kind of like Tinder. For groups. Without the sleaze.

It works like this: you and your friends form a squad on the app. It can be you and your guy friends, you and your girlfriends, or even a nice medley of both. You can swipe right or left on other squads around you, and, if matched, you can start a group chat.

From there, you can take the weirdness of dating apps out of the mix and meet up IRL. Sure, if you're possibly into one or two people in the opposite squad, you can pursue that in a reasonable―respectful (read: human) way you can approach them, but everybody's got someone who can hold them accountable.

If you decide to meet up with another Squad, it's a total no-pressure situation. 

It's just like dating, only not horrible. Hell, even if the other squad doesn't show up, you still have a night out with your friends. It's a total win-win. There's absolutely no pressure, and absolutely no way to get rejected. 


And ladies, Squad immediately takes any sketchiness out of online dating. 

Safety in numbers, can we get an amen?! Never again will you need a emergency code word with your girlfriends when you're headed to a meet-up because they'll be right there with you. 

Squad is all about creating authentic, organic situations. 

And after all the sludge we've raked through on various dating apps and awkward set ups, that sounds like a breath of fresh godd*mn air. 

What exactly are you waiting for?! Download the app right here and #swipewithfriends. 

Download the Squad App Here & Meet People You Don't Know-- While Swiping with Friends You Do.