8 Romantic Dates to Help You Brave the November Chill 💖💞

November is already here, and it's about time to start saying things like "Well, this year flew by!"

It's the month where WAY too many people start flooding into NYC for crazy things, like deliberately standing out in the freezing cold in massive hordes with no accessible bathroom in sight.

This is also the month you question why you even live on the East Coast—and why tights always betray you.

But, if you have someone special to share the headache with, NYC during the holiday season is a bit more tolerable and a WHOLE lot more fun.

As you and bae brave the season together on your dates this month, you have even more excuses to hold each other just a little tighter. But no one is complaining!

Here are some of the best places to snuggle up with your boo:

1. Cheer on Your Favorite Team


Watching the game is 10x more fun when you have someone cheering—and screaming their lungs out—alongside you. If you're that dynamic duo with a competitive edge, chowing and chugging down at the ultimate sports bar is the definition of your perfect date.

SideBAR on the corner of Irving Place and East 15th Street has you covered on all bases. With daily specials all week long, you can enjoy any game from Sunday Night Football to Jeopardy at 7 p.m. in SideBAR's cozy, yet modern bar area and lounge, which was just recently redesigned for your viewing pleasure.

You'll chug down a full range of game-winning beers along with SideBAR's deliciously game-changing burgers, sliders, and sandwiches. With a cocktail menu whose MVP is the Tiger Woods, SideBAR is set to be your go-to for a romantic game night.

2. Save the World


The typical dinner date is SO old news. There are tons of issues going on in our world, especially with the environment. Why don't you and your boo conquer those issues together with every bite you take?

At Kellari Seafood Taverna on West 44th St, you can do exactly that. While Kellari's authentic Greek fare transports you from Manhattan to the ancient country, it takes you beyond run-of-the-mill Old World flair with its all-new sustainable foods menu.

Reserve your next table at Kellari as it embraces the task of keeping sustainable, yet absolutely tasty offerings on its menu—everything from the seared octopus in mushroom trahana, down to the Zea flour sourdough bread. Owner Stavros Aktipis is not only in partnership with independent fishermen, their families, and industry experts, but has also researched and hand-picked all ingredients to adhere to this initiative. 

You superheroes will be chowing down as you save tons of species from extinction and protect our home planet! I say that'd be a pretty kick-ass night.

3. Escape the Upside Down


I know! I know! Netflix & chill nights are already a given when it comes to relationships. With the weather getting so much colder, you have even more of an excuse to dress down and head in for a romantic night of binge-watching. And of course, don't forget the rose for a splash of classy along with those PJs.

The show you must watch is Stranger Things 2, but you cannot—and I repeat CANNOT—watch the new season alone for any reason. The second installment of the epic sci-fi thriller is just too amazing. You MUST have the breathtaking experience with someone who would face the Demagorgons with you.

Now that you have a built-in Netflix & chill date, your entire Saturday is booked. You'll be heating up some popcorn and revving up your TV for a full day of Stranger Things 2 binging. 

Once both of your minds are blown, binge-watch all of the Beyond Stranger Things series to share an in-depth look and commentary from the creators and cast members themselves. Also, you'll both get to fan-girl on your favorite characters you'll be missing so much. Don't worry; you'll get through this together.

4. Create a Masterpiece Together


For the artistic couple looking for the ultimate aesthetic, NYC has the best art events for you. With a city full of artistic history and flair, there's no way you can pass up any of these creative events.

The one you definitely can't miss this month is NUDE at Delilah on Rivington Street in LES. Discover your inner artist or hone your drawing technique at this nude model drawing session starting at 8 p.m. every Thursday this month until Nov. 16. With your lover at your side, a few glasses of champagne on your easel and all supplies provided, you'll get to learn new drawing techniques and try your hand at figure drawing.

You may even get the chance to shed your inhibitions and be the model yourself. If that won't jolt the passion between the two of you, nothing will! Don't let the eye candy stop there. End the night at the after party with music curated by DJ Alexander Gentil for one sultry night together. Snag your tickets here.

5. Catch a Burlesque Show

Keep the sensual vibes going at what is set to be one of NYC's top burlesque shows. You could just catch it on Broadway in Chicago if you can afford to shell out that kind of money and the movie wasn't enough for you. But who'd want to spend that kind of money if you can see the real deal here in Manhattan?

Jazz up your typical date night at the recently-opened Rosewood Theater in the heart of Midtown on West 38th Street. Open every Wednesday and Thursday night by invitation and every Friday and Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., bring bae along to indulge in various late-night exploits, including "Die Happy” lap dance parties, burlesque nights, dueling-pianos and Prosecco pong fetes.

In the dim lighting of what is considered "an immersive adult playground," you'll get to cozy up in the Rosewood's intimate lounge while enjoying era-inspired cocktails and the most decadent late-night bites. Get ready for an elegant night of revelry together.

6. Mix it Up


While it's fun to go out with bae to the millions of clubs in NYC, paying the hefty price for what seems to be a simple cocktail is not something you looking forward to. It's not easy to have a boozy night with your lover in this city.

Thanks to Liquid Lab NYC, you can finally have an out-of-the-wine-box boozy date—and understand why these cocktails are so fricken expensive. While the classes for this month are booked, register for a private Mixology Class this month at Lea Lounge on Park Avenue. With a step-by-step recipe, you'll be mixing four different drinks like a true mixologist and even enter a cocktail contest.

Shake up your date night by grabbing your spots here.

7.  Head to a Food and Drink Fest

If you're the type of couple who just can't pass up stuffing your faces at a good food and drink festival, you guys get what true love is all about.

Order up a shot of whiskey for this next feast coming up at the Hudson Terrance on West 46th Street on Saturday, Nov. 11. Join one of Whiskey Feast's three general admission or VIP sessions at1 p.m., 4 p.m. or 7 p.m. to taste some of the best whiskey cocktail and comfort food pairings. 

At the best spot in NYC for Instagram-worthy Hudson River views, you and boo will not only vote for your favorite cocktail and sample a whole fricken doughnut wall, but also dance the night away, roll cigars, and make vinyl spin art. You'll also get to take home awesome matching souvenir tasting glasses while you're at it. 

On top of all this greatness, you'll be saving the world in a whole different way as the host Cannonball Productions will donate all leftover food from Whiskey Feast to homeless and hungry New Yorkers through City Harvest, so don't go too crazy eating all the food. 

Grab your tickets here before they completely sell out!

8. Chill at a Christmas Market


I'm the last person to suggest that it's time to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not even Thanksgiving, people. And God forbid if I start hearing Mariah Carey and all the crap she wants for Christmas already I will literally go insane! 

But Christmas markets are heavenly blessings for everyone, not just couples. Think of all the mulled wine, hot chocolate and fun treats you can spoil yourself with!

This month, head to Bryant Park's Winter Village for the millionth time for the most epic and historic holiday market in NYC. Before the place gets SUPER packed and annoying to stroll through, go window shopping now while there's actually space to check out the mini stalls. 

Consider getting your lovebug something cute, yet unique for this holiday season. It will always be a memorable buy that your lover will totally appreciate.

And while the line for the ice rink is almost non-existent, hop onto those skates for a romantic twirl around the ice. You'll get to bust your ass without as many people seeing while your trusty sidekick helps you back up every time. And yes, it's technically not free because you have to pay 20 fricken bucks just for skates and another $10 for bag check, but ice skating in NYC is all the nuance you need for the perfect November date.

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