Winter Cuddling Is So Over: 8 Most Romantic Dates You Can Go on This March in NYC

Going on dates in New York City in March, huh?

Well, we feel that. We think your dates in March in NYC are going to go super well, and we think that'll be ten times truer if you stick with us.

The truth of the matter is that we know about all the hot March dates.

Want to have a wild drinking date at an NYC drinking event? Want to visit the orchids at the New York Botanical Garden? Want to eat a lot of doughnuts while jamming to live music?

Well, we've got ideas for all those dates and more below. Read on to find out what dates you absolutely need to go on in March in NYC.

1. The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Blvd - the Bronx)


Spring is coming. It’s not here yet, but it’s on its way. As a result, we have to ask this question: what's more romantic than flowers?

If you can’t wait until actual spring to be dazzled by an array of flowers with your date, then get to the the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden this month.


The show will fill the conservatory at the Garden with thousands and thousands of orchids in an incredible variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.

You’ll also get to take a journey through orchid collecting history, in this year’s 14th Installment of this exhibit. It's pretty much the most romantic thing we could think of. Get your tickets here.

2. Bottomless brunch


No, we don't have a specific bottomless brunch in mind. We just think bottomless brunch as a concept is a really great idea for a March date.

We mean, it's getting slightly warmer outside (or at least, it's supposed to) so the idea of spending your morning tossing back mimosas and then emerging into the world, wasted and ready to take on they day, sounds like a really great idea to us.

Where should you go? Well, DiWine, L'Asso, Agave, and Fonda are always excellent options, but the choice rests entirely with you. 

As one of the rare states where bottomless brunch is legal, you're practically obligated to take advantage of this beautiful way to get wasted with your date.

3. NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting (135 West 18th Street)


What's the most important ingredient on any date?

Okay, fine, romantic chemistry is undoubtedly the most important ingredient on a date, but second to romantic chemistry in importance is obviously alcohol.


If you bring your date to the NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting at The Altman Building on March 8th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., there will be a whole lot of alcohol, we promise you that. 

You'll get the chance to sample delicious wines from wineries all around New York, and there will be delicious appetizers to go with it. Sounds super romantic to us. Get your tickets here.

4. Choice Eats (125 West 18th Street)


If you treat your date to the Village Voice's 9th Annual Choice Eats tasting event, you'll basically be hailed as the smartest dater in dating history.

At this event, there will be cuisine from more than 50 amazing restaurants from every NYC borough on Friday, March 11th at Metropolitan Pavilion from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

You'll get to sample the best dishes from NYC's best restaurants, and let us tell you, there are some excellent restaurants here. The food will also be paired with craft beer, wine, and liquor.

If you ask us, it sounds like an entirely romantic evening of indulgence. Grab your tickets here.


5. Saint Patrick's Day for Sinners (149 7th Street - Brooklyn)


The Bell House has done it again, coming in hot with the most excellent, most date-worthy events.

They'll be hosting St. Patrick's Day for Dinners on Friday, March 18th at 9 p.m. It'll be a night of drinking, celebration, and a ton of fun between you and your date. You know what fun and alcohol means, right? Yes, you guessed it right. Making out.


Wasacassco's St. Patrick's Day for Sinners features an All-Redheads edition of Wasabassco. Warning: there will be de-robing, so this probably shouldn't be a first date. It should probably be like a, "We've been dating for a while so we're okay with experiencing debauchery together," date. 

Got it? Great. Grab your tickets here.

6. Time Out Presents: Doughfest (289 10th Avenue)


Do you love donuts? Yeah, we do, too. Sometimes, we love donuts a little too much, and then we can't think about anything else until we have donuts in our hands.

Luckily, there's a donut heaven coming to the city, and it'll be a perfect, very fun date. We mean, what's a better way to bond with someone than a mutual love of donuts? It'll take place at Marquee New York on Saturday, March 19th.

There will be donuts from Mike's Donut Shop, The Doughnut Project, Underwest Donuts, Leske's Bakery, and Orwasher's.

There will also be an iced coffee station, complimentary Tsingtao beer, and rocking tunes by DJ Devon. Basically, you and your date can get drunk, eat delicious donuts, jam to music, then make out. Get your tickets here.

7. Manhattan Dinner Cruise (353 West Street)


A yacht? A delicious three-course dinner? A live DJ and three hours of gazing out across the river at Manhattans sparkling lights and stunning skyline?

Yeah, we're not sure we could even concoct something more romantic than the Manhattan Dinner Cruise put on by Hornblower Yachts, even if we brainstormed all day. Even if our lives depended on it.


The cruise departs from Pier 40 at 7 p.m., and cruises until 10 p.m. Your three-hour cruise includes a hors d'oeuvres reception hour, a three course a la carte menu, a dessert station, and really stunning views.

You're convinced, aren't you? We thought you would be. Get your tickets here.

8. NYC Craft Beer Festival (68 Lexington Avenue)


The NYC Craft Beer Festival will be romantic AF. It'll include access to 150 craft beers from 75 different breweries, and delicious local restaurant food. 

It's the best beer bash in the city, and we're completely confident you and your date will fall in love here. They've got three events. One on Friday, March 5th, and two on Saturday, March 6th, all of which will take place at the Lexington Armory.

It's the largest beer event in NYC, and it's also got ciders, and meads, all of which are artisanally produced creations from the top breweries in the city.

Want to pound delicious beer with your date for an hour-and-a-half, and then stumble into the night, ready to do who knows what? Great, we're glad to hear it. Get your tickets here.

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