Put a Spin on Date Night Classics 🗽👩‍🍳🕺

Sooner or later we are all hit with dreaded question of: “What are the plans for tonight?” For New Yorkers, it is the question with not hundreds, but thousands, of answers. Whether it’s being asked by a best friend, significant other, or a visiting family member, the limitless possibilities for a night out in NYC can make even a born-and-raised native’s brain go to mush.

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However, that’s what makes a date night out in NYC so amazing! From dining to entertainment, there are so many options that it’s almost impossible to go wrong. So if you’ve got one, two, or maybe seven people counting on you for the next night out on the town, look no further cuz we’ve got you covered.

Take a Cooking Class

I think us New Yorkers can all say that we’re guilty of opting for Postmates eight too many times per week than we’d care to admit. So maybe give you and your wallet a break, and learn some cooking skills that you can use for some filler at home dates in the future! NYC is full of some of the world’s best chefs just waiting to share their top tips and tricks.

surlatable Excuse us while we head over to @snackingkitchen’s house to dig into these spinach-ricotta stuffed shells 😍💚🍝 Want to bake some up yourself? Tap our bio link to get her @lecreuset baking dish! #shareyourtable

Sur La Table is a perfect option for people in the city looking to perfect that #domesticlife, and they do it in ways that are fun, and super realistic. So don’t worry if you’ve never watched an episode of Masterchef, or have no real experience outside of scrambled eggs. If anything, a cooking class is a perfect way to learn some new kitchen skills, curb a craving, and get closer to those who matter most all in one date night.

Catch a Comedy Show 

Between our packed schedules, sky-high rent, and traffic patterns it’s no wonder that New Yorkers get stereotyped for being grumpy! We all know life gets stressful, so why not turn that frown upside down and catch a comedy show! Like theatre, design, and anything creative, New York is full of the best aspiring, and established, comedians! What better way to bond than share a night full of gut-busting that you can talk about for days and weeks after?

ucbtny #TBT 2001 with Shannon O'Neill, Rob Corddry, and Sandra Corddry. You can catch Shannon with The Stepfathers 12/22 (tomorrow!) 9:00pm at Hell's Kitchen #HelloHellsKitchen

Right in Chelsea is the UCB Theatre which is CONSTANTLY offering comedy shows and sketches at the best prices. Fun fact: it was co-founded by comedy queen Amy Phoeler, so, hello, you KNOW its performers are funny.  They have a location in both Hell’s Kitchen and the East Village, so it’s a convenient spot whether you’re a west or east-sider.

Go for the Tasting Menu

Okay, before I lose ya, YES there are tasting menu options in NYC that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars, and YES they can cost just as much as a single entree with some drinks at any decent restaurant! Let’s be real, the typical restaurant date with a shared appetizer, and an entree is tired. A tasting menu is a great way to spice up a dinner date by ultimately giving you a dining EXPERIENCE that is truly memorable.  

contrany Potato, date, celeriac. Second course on the vegetable menu.

Contra, located in Soho, is an AMAZING option for those looking for a great tasting menu, without having to tap into their savings. Inspired by the Parisian neo-Bistrot movement, their incredible six-course option will set you back only $67/head! This is a HUGE difference from other locations in the city with prices around $180 to almost $300/ head!

Hit Up some Boozey Bowling

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that I’ll ever reach an age where I won’t be excited to go bowling for a trip down memory lane. I feel like bowling is one of those date night options that you always forget about, or seem too “grown-up” to recommend, but always end up having a blast when you finally decide to go.

framesnyc Jumping into this weekend like 📷: @pfuriosus77 .

Well if you’re down for some big boy/girl bowling, you’re in luck. NYC has a bunch of adult-oriented bowling lanes that are perfect for your next night out. Frames, located in Hells Kitchen, is a perfect option looking to get their bowling fix without feeling like a nine-year-old in summer camp. In addition to bowling, they have a bunch of other game night options like ping pong, billiards, karaoke, and have some delicious takes on on bar food classics.

Dine 'n' Munch

For those who can’t decide if they wanna go out to eat, or head out to the movies, or stay in to eat, and THEN go to the movies, you’re in luck! Located right in Prospect Park is the Brooklyn classic NiteHawk cinema.

nitehawkcinema 🥔HAPPY NATIONAL TATER TOT GROUNDHOG DAY!🥔 . Live this holiest of holy holidays as if it were Groundhog Day with our TOTS ON REPEAT special - finish your bowl? Relive it with another one. All day today, and this weekend during our annual #GroundhogDay brunch screenings.

They play independent films that are accompanied by servers that bring you all the munchies you could need. Oh, and did I mention they have vegan options AND BRUNCH?! To make your dining and viewing experience even better, they have a fantastic selection of craft beers, and signature cocktails. It’s the perfect place to kill two birds with one stone by combining the classic dinner and movie date into one adorable experience.

Dive in and Cool Off

Summer is almost here, and as excited as we all are we also know just how dreadfully hot the concrete can get. However, don’t use that as an excuse to stay in and ruin a perfect day date opportunity! The city is full of day-time activities that are perfect for keeping cool while still enjoying a day with friends or that special someone.

rmg___ Perfect pool day #barrettopointpark #floatingpool #floatingpoollady #huntspoint #bronx

Take The Floating Pool at Barretto Park in the Bronx for example! It’s open to the public and is placed right in the middle of the river, so it’s floating! To make it even better, you have a stunning panoramic view of the city to go along with your daycation. The seven-lane pool offers swimming lessons, and should be expected to open sometime in June!

See?! Dates don’t have to be the same ole’ same ole’! Thankfully we live in the greatest city on earth which gives us the perfect opportunities to turn those boring date nights that we’ve all proven to be tried and true, into some amazing, memorable experiences. All that’s left to do is to go out and make em happen!

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