The force has awakened! Stay woke!

While we haven't seen it, we're completely sold on the reviews that say as little as, "It's the movie we should have gotten back in 1999. Welcome back." 

That's fine. Good. No muss, no fuss. Don't kill it for the rest of us because spoilers don't lead to the dark side. They, like internet trolls themselves, are insidious Sith Lords trying to cast the balance of The Force into darkness. 

New York City has its own insidious trappings, something an anonymous Jedi Knight has posted inspirational Yoda-isms all over the city. 

Let's be real: any number of things can set New Yorkers off. Whether it's a delayed train, a slow walking goon glued to their smartphone screen, or, worse still, that same slow-walking goon has an umbrella too. 

Any one of those things can send our good-intentioned hearts spiraling into the dark side. But we can't let evil win. We can't succumb to the allure of the dark side. But where we are quick to forget, @Darkside_NYC is quick to remind us to be patient. Don't give into the hate. 

They've gone out and plastered these reminders all around the city. Check out these absolutely hysterical posts from their Instagram page. Check those out, check them out, and then go check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters everywhere until the end of time. 

darkside_nyc Welcome @tito_twosteps to #DARKSIDENYC


darkside_nyc They are the #DARKSIDENYC @molliecharlottes


darkside_nyc Join the #DARKSIDENYC @sofi_riverap

darkside_nyc #DARKSIDENYC

darkside_nyc #DARKSIDENYC #NETS




darkside_nyc #DARKSIDENYC

ddashc57 #darksidenyc @darkside_nyc least someone else is excited about subway etiquette and Star Wars!!

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]